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Ang Pilipinas!

If I get any phone calls relating to this...

This is all about me.Me time.Time for myself.The Spoon Center.Ummmm...crap!I can't remember what I put!

Name: Sir Cuddlesworth III
Age: Old as Yoda he is
Favorite Food: Cheezums Pringles
Favorite Hobby: Crapping on the floor
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hyper anti-prep

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This is Sytem of a Down, my favorite band.

Favorite Stuff

In this area, I'll list some of the things that I like best:

Favorite TV Show:It will forever and always be.....Undeclared
Favorite Movie:Donnie Darko
Favorite Music:System of a Down
Favorite Magazine:Electronic Gaming Monthly
Favorite Sports Team:Waterboys
Favorite Food:Macaroni & Cheese
Favorite Cartoon: Shaman King or Fooly Cooly

Favorite Quotes

In this area, I include quotes I like or that I feel capture my feelings:

Whiskey: Making driving more exciting since 1903!
    - Me
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
   -Me again