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Howdy!This is Spoonman !Please tell me if you have learned anything.I have learned that guys' "stuff" flop in the water. (Here comes the durned technical stuff.)
Don't mind the url.That is all that has to do with Eminem on this site.If you dont like to type in all that eminem crap then use my cloak url: halfadozen6.cjb.net.

If you have a suggestion then email me at spoonman2002@iamwasted.com.  You know, I bet nobody reads this right here because I haven't gotten one freakin' email from any of you guys, not one, unless a spammer is a big fan of mine.

I have the internet now so I'm updating this site more frequently. I do this for your enjoyment, plus the fact that I have the thrill of knowing that total strangers are learning everything about my life and learning to become more and more like me until one day they decide to get rid of me and take my place as me......I sorta got off subject again, didn't I?

Sign my guestbook. All the cool people are doing it. Yeah, I have resorted to peer pressure. Pretty pathetic but it get's the job done...back on task. Sign my yearbook.

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I guess I'll throw in another surprise in the Load o' Crap but don't be surprised if it's not there.

A man stuck in traffic; Actual size=240 pixels wide

I'm looking forward to some traffic.