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Viola! I know French...Here is my collection of original art. I don't really have anything witty to put here. Just pretend there is and laugh. It's just as good.

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^Look.It's techno music.(Corny drum sound after corny joke)

Ode to the Chicken Wing
I like chicken with fried rice
 It tastes good, it tastes nice
I like chicken, I like cheese
I wanna cheesy chicken burger please, please, please
White meat, dark meat...it's all good
If I could eat chicken now, then I would
Chicken in the day, chicken in the night
As long as it's chicken, it's alright
Theres chicken wing, there's chicken thigh
Sprinkle on M.J. and you'll get high
 I wonder why chickens cannot fly
But it doesn't matter when they're fried

Happy Family by The Ramones (not mine)
I got the lyrics....here they are!!

We're a happy family
We're a happy family
We're a happy family
Me mom and daddy
Siting here in Queens
Eating refried beans
We're in all the magazines
Gulpin' down thorazines
We ain't got no friends
Our troubles never end
No Christmas cards to send
Daddy likes men
Daddy's telling lies
Baby's eating flies
Mommy's on pills
Baby's got the chills
I'm friends with the President
I'm friends with the Pope
We're all making a fortune
Selling Daddy's dope

Gummybears are chasing me
Some are green and some are blue
But that red bastards got my shoe
Every time it looks at me
I piss my pants and start to flee

The Vegetarian (Goes to "In the End" by Linkin Park)

It starts with
One thing / I don't know how
I though one day, "Hey, I'm eatin' a cow."
I switched to salad and made this ballad
To keep in my head
"I don't eat meat."
Greens are a nutritious food
It makes you real strong and your body look good
I eat tofu;the alternative meat
With a side of red beets
"Bon Apetit"
Made my own recipe
It was a pizza topped with zucchini
I cooked too long; I didn't even see
I burnt up the crust on my
Pizza pie
I had to face all the facts and give up Big Macs
I tried really hard
All the cows you see will eventually be a King Supreme
On the grill of a:
Burger King
And Mickey D's
They slap on buns
And put it in a wrapper
When you eat fish
Please grant my wish
Just take that food
And flush it down the crapper
One thing / I don't know how
I thought one day, "Hey, I'm eatin' a cow."
I switched to salad and made this ballad
To keep in my head
"I don't eat meat."
I doesn't even matter how much I beg
One by one they chow down on the chicken legs
Not that I wanted any
But a chicken's nest is now
So empty
You tried to face all the facts and give up Big Macs
You tried really hard
All the cows you see will eventually be a leather seat
In the back of an:
It's sad to see
But eating lamb
Just makes me even sadder
A T-bone steak; a slice of beef
Why must we kill to get us even fatter?
I promise I am for
The all mighty vegetable
And I shall fight
Against the carnivores today

O.J. the Handsome Halfback (Goes to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")
O.J. the handsome halfback
Had a very shiny knife
And if you ever saw it
You'd be fearing for your life
All of the other killers
Used a gun or Tylenol
Some of the really smart ones
Used a whole can of Lysol
Then one unsuspecting day
O.J. took a knife
Jumped into his white Bronco
Played some golf and stabbed his wife
Now he is in the court room
Being judged by the jury
They don't know what to do know
Put him in jail or set him free

The Getaway
Years ago in NY State
A man named Henry Ford
Came out with the first known car
Which no one could afford
But now the years have passed them by
And I drive an Accord
A warrant's out for my arrest
My parents cried, "Oh,Lord!"
That's why I gotta ditch the cops
I don't slow down for anyone
I speed through all the stops
I could of pulled right over if I didn't smuggle pot
I'm aimin for the border
I gotta ditch the cops
Now not too long ago
I only had a permit
My second class was Driver's Ed
My teacher's name was Kermit
I shifted out of second gear
And he began to scream
"You're driving way too fast, my boy!"
And I said, "So it seems."
That's why I gotta ditch the cops
I'm facing counts of DUI
(I drank a fifth of Schnopps)
I tried to floor a drawbridge
And I did, but not the cops
'Cause when it comes to ramps
I always come out on top
They made a barricade
And spike strips they had laid
One thing that they forgot to do
Was to blockade all the exits
Oh, they didn't have a clue
Now I've P.O.d all the cops
I've levelled 13 Port-A-Jons
And still I do not stop
I'm the first priority
In the eyes of Spec Ops
The tension's getting tighter
I gotta ditch the cops
My tank is getting empty
(My getaway's big glitch)
I wish that I could bail right out
Too bad that I'm not rich
I'm starting to get road rage
Screaming out the window,"B!+(&!"
Then I sped right 'cross the border
I got through without a hitch
Oh, the cops I had outhunk
I scoff at this from Mexico
Drink beer until I'm drunk
One factor I'd forgotten was the teacher in the trunk
"Oh well," I said,"Let's party
to some cool Latino funk"




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