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Behold! The bios are updated!...but they are still under construction for the moment.

Under Construction


Howdy. I'm Kristian a.k.a. Spoonman. Can you beleive that this site is almost 7 years old? I thought not, but it is. I've been keeping this site up for this long. I like long walks on the beach, Amish bread, and that yogurt with the fruit on the bottom...oh wait! I already have a gf! Sorry Lysa. For a good time, IM spoonman2001fore

Scuba Steve has an obsession with Sponge Bob and knee socks. Okay, maybe alot of you people have heard about this guy,but you don't really know what he looks like, so picture Hayden Christiansen (did I spell it right?) all buff and sexy. Now picture him with a rugged beard. Along with that, think of a toned body and a ripped six-pack. With me so far? Now picture all this with the uncanny aura of a refined, intuitive gentleman...got all that?....now picture the exact opposite.That's him. Just kidding, Scuba. I think you're sexy...but not in a homo sexual way.
P.S. Me and Scuba tried out for cheerleading. To get the full jest of the story, go over to the Diary.

Rian Ruggles is a comp whiz. He made Midgard...sorta like Evercrack. Really addicting stuff. He's working on another MMORPG called Ancilla. It's gonna be made from scratch. I can't wait to see how it looks.

Chris Wagner is in ROTC with me. He worked a whole lot harder in it and I still got a promotion over him. I also got best drilled squad. EAT THAT CHRIS! That'll show him not to steal my Academic Wreath...

Chris Sisneros lives on the border of Mississippi. He's supposed to be visiting over in Smyrna for three weeks. I'm gonna see him this weekend. He's a Mexican thespian. NOT lesbian...

That's not all! For a mere $20, you can get the girl biographies!...or you can just scroll down. Yes there are girls in Half-A-Dozen; the girls are all about Spoonman.

Ashley Perry, also known as Ash and supersmileyashley, lives in Ohio.  She is currently dating Chris. Uhh. Thats all I know...I'm wearing a thong.

Amanda Nguy is really violent.Her motto is:"Violence is the answer!" She picked Ghandi for a Civil Disobedience project not knowing he was best known for his non-violent protests. Poor gal.

Lysa Trimple is my girlfriend for 1(going on 2) years. Right after my birthday, I can get my liscence which means I can get a job which means I get money which means for our second anniversary I can treat her out to a good dinner without mom getting mad.

Jessica Dennis went to Florida and brought Lysa with her. They went to Destin and such. They got attacked by seaweed. Jessica likes Pizzalicious Pringles.

Brandy was there when I did that little basketball/softball trick.I'm telling you,that is no softball.She called me one day after I had just woken up. We talked for a while and then I remembered..."Wait a minute...How did you get my number?" she said I had given it to Lysa a week ago over the internet and she was at her house.I didn't know whether to be happy that someone actually called me or scared that someone might be stalking me.

Courtney Latiolais is cool. She is one hip cat. She's mellowed out dude. Yeah...(in a cool type of way)........................yeah. I asked Courtney what I should put about her in the bios and she said,"Just make me look cool" so I did. Is this good enough Courtney?

Thanks to Rachel Harris, getting lunch has turned into a sport. Sort of like a triathlon. First I have to sprint to the cafeteria, then get my lunch and her lunch before the lines get too long, and balance two trays full of food and get ketchup and salt while I''m at it. I can now say for sure that I am physically adept at getting food.

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