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Spoonman smart. Spoonman make his own games all by himself. Spoonman proud of himself.

You know that Kung Fu Stickfigures on the Wazzup page? Here's the game to go with it.

It's like shotput, baseball and ice skating all in one.

Trogdor burninate!Garrr!

They've turned exiting pop-ups into a game.

Who knew that you could turn flyswatting into a game?

Dance Dance Revolution on Dope

TokiDoki:Professional Sushi Car Racing

The Way of the Stick

Voltarol:Foot Savior

Guess Timmy's Limit

I will rate the video games by spoons...0==...5 being Spoony!(good) and 1 being forky(bad).

Way of the Stick-5 0== Spoony!
Voltarol:Foot Savior-4 0== Foony!
Guess Timmy's Limit-2 0== Sporky!